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Naples Centro Storico Tour

Naples Centro Storico Tour


$350 for up to 6 guests

3 hours

About the tour

If you have limited time in Naples, a tour of the centro storico will give you the best possible introduction to this epic city.

Naples is one of the world's oldest, continuously inhabited cities. The historical center (centro storico) of Naples is nearly 3,000 years ago and comprises several underground cities beneath the already ancient streets. Our expert guide will take you on a walk through the heart of Naples with stops at 1) Piazza del Gesù, 2) the Cloister of di Santa Chiara, 3) The Chapel of San Severo with the famous Veiled Christ, 4) the Greek and Roman Underground city, 5) Via San Gregorio Armeno where the creche artisans have their workshops, and finally, 6) the Duomo and the chapel dedicated to San Gennaro.

We can also integrate a food tour with stops for pizza, fritto misto, and sfogliatelle, the signature pastry of Naples.

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