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Small Group Tours

With a maximum of 12 guests, our small group tours offer experiences not available in the mass tourism market. Our guests say, “I would never have found this place alone!”


Group tours are paced so that each day unfolds a new story but are never rushed. We like to start our day with a leisurely cappuccino and rarely call for early morning departures unless necessary. 


Spring In South Italy


5 Days In Naples


Matera & Puglia

Any of our group tours can be modified for private itineraries.



“This was my first time visiting Italy, and I cannot say enough good things about the fabulous experience I had.  The rich history behind the Paestum temples and ancient ruins; lunch and shopping in picturesque Amalfi; an outdoor picnic in the countryside, and so much more . . . . each day was a uniquely lovely adventure filled with amazingly delicious local food, camaraderie with fellow travelers, and memories never to be forgotten.  Feast organized a perfect vacation far exceeding my expectations, and I look forward to treating myself to another future vacation organized by them.”

Cindy Dean Morgan

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