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Self-Guided Tours

Our self-guided itineraries are available for independent travelers who want to book day tours with only the best local experts. Our network of guides works only with private clients and are like take-charge, knowledgeable friends who will make your time in Italy more interesting, meaningful, and memorable.


Eternal Rome

This itinerary is crafted to give you the signature experience of the Eternal City. 


Our guide in Rome will take you to the most significant sights like the Vatican at the best hours of the day, then take you to places like the Baths of Caracalla, Hadrian's Villa, or the Celio Underground, which are often empty even in high season.

Our Eternal Rome itinerary also includes an evening food tour. This meandering "apericena" combines the best of aperitivo culture with dinner in the lively Trastevere neighborhood.


Because Rome is among Italy's most crowded destinations, we'll ensure you have skip-the-line access to the major sites.

Local Venice

You need a local to navigate through the crowds of Venice. Our guide will take you to Piazza San Marco and the Doge's Palace, then take you to a nearby local market that feels like a world away.


In the evening meet the soul of Venice in the northern lagoon, which you'll explore on a catamaran at sunset to experience the exquisite Venetian light.


Not to be missed is Venice's unique cichetti culture, similar to Spanish tapas, which you'll get to know at the city's most historic cichetti bars. 


Mysteries of Naples

No other city in Italy pulses with life like Naples. With 3,000 years of history on display, it can be intimidating to first time visitors to even scratch the surface, and a never ending trove of discoveries for those who fall in love with Naples and return again and again. 


Our itinerary starts with a tour of the 3,000 year old historic center where you'll see the Greek and Roman ruins that underpin the city. You'll see the famous "Veiled Christ", and the jewels of San Gennaro, larger than the Crown Jewels of London, that mark the city's glory period in the 1700s. The birthplace of pizza, and one of Italy's best cities for coffee and pastry, food is a key piece of our Naples itinerary. 

Those with more time can incorporate a day trip to Pompeii or Herculaneum and the Royal Palace of Caserta. Serious Roman history buffs should visit Cuma and Baia. Fans of Elena Ferrante may choose to take a "My Brilliant Friend" walking tour of the city.

Foodie Florence

The dream of Italy people play in their head is often set in Florence. Our local guide will take you on a walking tour of the historic center to understand why Florence gave birth to the Italian Renaissance. Admire the Duomo and visit Michelangelo's David. Florence also has a deep artisan culture and we'll include time to explore leather goods, marbled paper, and the antiquarian shops of the Oltrarno.

A highlight of this itinerary is a morning tour of the San Ambrogio Market with a local chef, then a chance to escape to the picturesque hills just outside the city for a cooking class.

Cityscape of Florence
Amalfi Coast

Amalfi & Cilento

The Amalfi Coast is one of the world's most glamorous coastlines. Our local guide and driver will zip you in and around the fashionable crowds allowing you to take in the scene, then escape to the Cilento Coast, just south of Salerno, for a more local experience.

In Cilento, taste Italy's best buffalo mozzarella, take a boat tour of the pristine Cilento Coast where cruise ships are prohibited and then marvel at the 3,000 year old temples at Paestum. 

Vittorio Emanuele Gallery


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Emilia Romagna

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