Rome by Night with Aperitivo


3 hours

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Rome by Night Tour begins with a meeting at the Pantheon, for an explanation of the monument from the outside.

The Pantheon, built in 27 BC for the will of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, son-in-law of the Emperor Augustus, was originally a pagan temple. After a fire on 80 AD, the Pantheon was completely rebuilt by the Emperor Hadrian (118-125 AD). After some little restorations during the centuries, in 608 AD it was given by the Byzantine Emperor Phocas to Pope Boniface IV, who converted it into the Church of St. Mary of the Martyrs a year later. In 1870 it became the shrine of the Kings of Italy; the Pantheon houses the remains of Vittorio Emanuele II (the first king of unified Italy), his successor Umberto I, and his Queen Margherita of Savoy. The Renaissance artist Raphael is also buried here.

The Rome by Night tour will continue with an evening stroll to the Piazza di Pietra, to visit the famous Temple of Hadrian, built by the Emperor’s successor, Antoninus Pius. Then, we will continue the night tour of Rome to the Area Sacra, in Largo di Torre Argentina, for an external look at and an explanation of the remains of the four Roman Temples fo the Republican Era, built approximately from the 3rd century BC.

In this part of the night tour, we will also find the renowned portico of the Curia of Pompey, where Julius Caesar was murdered in 44 BC.

The Rome by Night tour ends off with a visit to the Jewish Ghetto and the Portico of Octavia, the Theatre of Marcellus, and an explanation of the Isola Tiberina which we can see from there