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Feast Food & Wine Workshops:
Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

Feast Food and Wine workshops are held three times a year at Borgo La Pietraia.They provide hands-on experiences of cooking, foraging, preserving, harvesting, and winemaking in a part of Italy that gave birth to the Mediterranean Diet and where many ancient food traditions persist. 


Each day of the week will be hosted by a chef, farmer, forager, or winemaker who will invite you to fully immerse yourself in their daily experience. We'll also cook with local women who carry on food traditions which are slowly disappearing.


Culture, history, and a some classic Italian luxury are all mixed in so this is both a learning opportunity and an inspiring vacation. Each workshop will include a sunset tour of the temples at Paestum and sufficient downtime to relax, visit the beach, or enjoy a spa day.

No cooking experience is required and people of all ages are welcome. Come on your own or bring your entire family -- each workshop is a collaborative experience.


Nature comes alive with the Easter season in South Italy. Forage for wild asparagus and truffles and see how fresh ricotta cheese is made. Learn to make the traditional stuffed breads of the season with local women and enjoy a Pasquetta picnic in the countryside. A highlight of this tour is a cooking class at Antica Trattoria di Pietro, open since 1934. Click to see more...


Summer's workshop is devoted to tomatoes and the sea. We'll learn how to preserve the flavors of summer to enjoy year-long, and visit the fishing villages of Cetara on the Amalfi Coast and Pisciotta on the Cilento Coast to see how anchovies are fished, preserved, and transformed into colatura. We'll also escape the heat to taste wine in the cantina of a natural winemaker with a homemade lunch.  Click to see more


The olive and grape harvests are the focus of our fall workshop. We'll explore both traditional and modern methods for picking and pressing olives, and learn the ins-and-outs of the harvest with a family of natural winemakers. We'll hunt for truffles in the mountains and visit Santomiele in Prignano Cilento to see figs being stuffed with nuts and chocolate in preparation for the holiday season.


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