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October 6-13, 2024

Jenny Kroik's Grand Tour

Embark on a creative journey with 'Jenny Kroik's Grand Tour,' a weeklong artist workshop hosted by the renowned illustrator Jenny Kroik herself. Set against the backdrop of Paestum, Italy—a destination revered since the 18th-century Grand Tour—this unique workshop promises to channel the spirit of those early artistic explorations. In the picturesque and untouched corner of Italy, participants will be inspired to seek beauty and translate it into their art.


Jenny Kroik's expertise and passion will guide artists in honing their craft while immersing themselves in the rich artistic legacy of Paestum, ensuring an unforgettable experience of both artistic growth and cultural discovery. Artists of all levels of experience (or no experience) are welcome.


October 21-28, 2024

Olive & Grape Harvest in South Italy

Olive oil and grapes are the focus of our fall workshop. We'll harvest olives right on Borgo La Pietraia's property, learning ancient and modern methods for picking and pressing. We'll explore the countryside of Cilento to visit other olive farms and enjoy a fall truffle hunt with dogs high in the mountains.

In Prignano Cilento we'll have a tour and lunch at Santomiele, an artisan producer transforming figs into luxury products. The fall is when the late summer figs have been sufficiently dried and ready to be stuffed with chocolate, nuts, and orange peel.

In Irpinia we'll head into the vineyards at Il Cancelliere to learn the ins and outs of the harvest, then enjoy a homemade lunch with the winemakers. 

This tour includes a free day to relax at the Borgo, or take an an optional day trip to Matera. 


Apr 15 - 22, 2025

Spring Food & Wine Workshop

This week is devoted to the traditions of spring in Southern Italy. We'll forage for herbs and wild asparagus in the foothills and hunt for black truffles with expert truffle dogs in the mountains of the Cilento National Park. We'll visit the 3,000-year-old temples at Paestum and taste the IGP Paestum artichoke.

In the kitchen, we'll learn to make the traditional stuffed breads of the Easter season with local women and see how fresh ricotta is made.  

A highlight of the week will be a cooking class at Antica Trattoria di Pietro, open since 1934, and one of Italy's most beloved historic restaurants. This trattoria retains recipes and traditions that are disappearing in modern Italy.

On Easter Sunday, guests can attend church in the local village if they like. In the afternoon, we'll sit down for a traditional Easter dinner. For Pasquetta, we'll again head to the countryside for a picnic lunch.


September, 2025 details coming soon

The Romagna with Marco Santini

Join journalist and photographer Marco Santini on a journey in northern Italy, unveiling hidden gems and historical sites, while personalized meetings with residents offer an authentic glimpse into the essence of Romagna.

Indulge in a high-end gastronomic journey through Romagna's small villages, savoring locally sourced and expertly crafted dishes. Meet renowned chefs who showcase the region's culinary excellence, providing exclusive insights into the art of Italian cuisine.


Best of all, explore the rich artisanal traditions of Romagna with personalized tours of local workshops and studios, witnessing the creation of unique crafts and artworks. This tour also includes a visit to Ravenna, once the seat of the Holy Roman Empire to see the mosaics at San Vitale and a visit to the Biblioteca Maletestiana where you will see how ancient books are conserved. 

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