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Danielle Oteri

Danielle Oteri is a respected Italy travel expert featured in publications including AFAR, Condè Nast Traveler, and Barron's. Previous clients have praised her attention to detail, personalized approach, Italian culture and cuisine expertise, and passion for making history come to life.

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About me

I lived in Florence while pursuing my graduate studies in art history. Later I worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for sixteen years and taught art history at Seton Hall University. I write a newsletter about Italy on Substack called Tante Belle Cose and teach a popular series of classes about Southern Italy for Context Travel.


I am also the co-founder of Arthur Avenue Food Tours

Always deeply connected to my Italian roots, Feast Travel was officially born in 2015 with tours of the Cilento, in collaboration with my relatives, the Scariati family, at The Borgo.

Today my small team team works collaboratively to design bespoke itineraries that deliver experiences not available on the mass tourism market. Arianna Scariati is the mastermind in Italy who makes dreams a reality and acts as the guardian angel behind the scenes of each one of our private itineraries. Jennifer Federico works between New York and Italy, with her careful, attentive eye overlooking our itineraries.


I'm most proud of outstanding network of guides throughout Italy who are not just experts in their field, but wonderful people who will share with you the soul of Italy. Whether our guests choose to visit Turin or Sicily, I know our local experts will take excellent care of them.

Questions? You can contact me directly at

About our clients


Our clients are people seeking a meaningful experience of Italy, who tend not to be "bucket list' travelers.


They are intentional, thoughtful, and want to immerse themselves in Italian culture, while also having a fun and relaxing vacation. They want a mix of the very famous stuff paired with more authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences that aren't available on the mass tourism market.


Exclusive experiences are often sold on the luxury market, but we believe meaningful experiences set their own value to those who appreciate them. Our clients include budget travelers as well as those who travel only at the 5 star level. 


Have questions? Get in touch.


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