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Trip Consultations

Are you ready to plan your trip to Italy but don't know where to start? With a Trip Consultation, you'll get a dedicated hour with an expert to discuss your trip, work through your questions, and identify opportunities and challenges ahead of time that only experience could anticipate. 

Get expert insights and recommendations for your self-planned Italy itinerary

The Trip Consultation process begins with strategic questions to understand your preferences and travel style. Together, we'll explore fresh ideas and resources you might not have considered, ensuring you get advice and perspective you won't find on Google. Have questions about language, dietary restrictions, or driving in Italy? Worried about the crowds in Florence, Venice, and Rome? From accommodations and restaurants to tours and transportation, you'll get seasoned advice for every step of the journey.


A Trip Consultation is especially valuable for travelers who have chosen a destination but are seeking an experience that goes deeper than visiting the obvious sites. Whether it's discovering unique restaurants or off-the-beaten-path sites, you'll get recommendations that meet your interests and preferences. If you have specific needs or challenges, this personalized approach ensures you receive the precise information necessary for an exceptional travel experience.

After our session, receive a complete transcript of our meeting and a list of specific resources we discussed so you can easily move forward with planning your trip. 

Watch a live Trip Consultation on the Untold Italy Podcast

Rebecca Lohnes

"My itinerary was transformed by Danielle and I am so grateful! She helped me with tips on navigating a vegan diet and she told me about so many off the beaten track locations that I never would have stumbled upon just by reading the popular guidebooks. Worth every penny!"

Louis Higgins

"Our trip to Italy was perfect! And there is no way the trip would have been half as awesome if we hadn't worked with Danielle. She gave us great advice saving us hours of planning at home and hours of worrying in Italy."

Natalie Young

"Danielle gave us incredible recommendations for our family’s trip across central and southern Italy. From restaurant recommendations to non-touristy ways to see Italy’s history, she made planning this trip painless!"

Caroline Rausch

"The consultation with Danielle made our trip so special! Her recommendations for local guides helped us explore Roman ruins and our family roots off the beaten path. Exploring my husband’s grandfather’s hometown was the experience of a lifetime for my entire family. I truly appreciate her wealth of knowledge and guidance in finalizing our plans."

Stella Carolan

"When I spoke to Danielle, I was just starting to plan for our trip. She provided great resources that I was able to use to build into a magnificent trip."

Sarah Boozer

"We returned last night from our trip to Italy and I wanted to let you know how thankful we are for all the help you gave us.  Your wealth of knowledge improved the trip so much.  We had a marvelous time and everything went off without a hitch.  We are already dreaming of what region to visit next and will definitely reach out to you for help again."

Rather let an expert plan everything for you?

Our custom-made itineraries draw on the full breadth of our knowledge and resources and include private tours led by our personal network of guides

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