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Bespoke Trip Planning

Let Italy experts plan your trip's details, from a romantic vacation to a family adventure or a journey to discover your roots.


This service is ideal for groups of friends or families who would like a trip filled with unique experiences, the best guides, and all their restaurant reservations made for them.

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You could spend a lifetime in just one of Italy's regions and never uncover all its treasures. Our custom-made itineraries draw on the full breadth of our knowledge and resources to craft itineraries that aren't available elsewhere in the travel market. Because we work on a fee model instead of within a commission network, we can craft every detail of an itinerary to suit you. ​


How it works:


1) We'll start with a call to discuss what you most want to experience in Italy, the advantages of the season in which you would like to travel and offer ideas for experiences and places you may not know. -Then we'll get to work on an itinerary design and work with you through two rounds to revise and refine. -


2) Once you approve the itinerary, we'll finalize all the reservations. We'll provide you with an invoice for the entire trip, which can be paid by credit card or bank transfer, then we'll pay all the vendors on your behalf. As we get closer to your trip, we'll check in to see if you'd like us to make dinner reservations for you or instead provide our best recommendations for the locations you are visiting. 


3) Finally, your detailed itinerary will be programmed into our custom app, which you can download to your phone and have with your daily. The app syncs with Google and Apple Maps, holds any train or ferry tickets we purchase on your behalf and has all the contact information for the tours and appointments you have throughout your trip.


We'll also monitor your trip as it's in progress to ensure it runs smoothly and be available by text to answer questions or solve any problems. ​You'll also have your itinerary available on our custom app filled with information and tips to enhance every aspect of your trip, from shopping suggestions to where to watch the most beautiful sunsets.


Our fee is $800 per adult per 10 days on the ground in Italy. For additional days, we will customize the price depending on the complexity of your trip. 


We work on a fee model because we always want to choose the experiences and properties best suited to you. Traditional travel agents learn about resources via free trips or commission networks. Instead, we find and vet resources with the advice and guidance of our most trusted colleagues throughout Italy with our own money so that our opinions are unclouded.

Adam Ashcraft

"This was a trip of a lifetime! There is no way we could have pulled off the level of service, quality of accommodations, and the overall flow of our vacation ourselves. Danielle you were the key to making this an incredible adventure. From the hotel and tours in Rome, to Taurasi, to Cilento and Tuscany were magnificent! Margherita and Gaetano were standouts! They brought us to places and introduced to people we would have never come into contact on our own. I could go on and on.Thank you for giving us a lifetime of memories."

Mandi & Luke Henderson

"The amount of amazing experiences was unmatched! The itinerary within the app is amazing! The value can't be overemphasized, especially traveling with kids! It was so helpful before the trip so each family member could do their research and look forward to what was coming up. During the trip, we referenced it daily for the necessary things, like timing and tickets. It was outstanding when we made adjustments due to weather or wanting more flexibility. Danielle was able to add additional info quickly and that really helped us to decide what we were up for at that point in the trip."

Kristen Leonard

"It had been 30 years since my husband and I traveled internationally and we wanted to get this trip right. After finding Danielle on a podcast, I knew we had to consult with her to help plan our trip. She and her team took care of EVERY last detail. I cannot express enough appreciation for giving us memories for a lifetime!"

Kori Allen

"Danielle planned an amazing vacation to Italy for my family. We visited Rome, Ischia and Cilento with tours in and around our base locations. The tour guides were all so knowledgeable about each destination. We also really appreciated that the tours were private. It was a very personalized experience. Our accommodations were all wonderful - especially Borgo La Pietraia! It was so beautiful and the food was amazing! Arianna, Alexandra, and the rest of the staff made our stay really special."

Rosemary Levely

"Danielle's help in planning our trip was invaluable! We could never have planned such a wonderful trip on our own. It was perfect!"

Matt Lewis

"We were at last minute group of 13 to Italy that constantly changed it's mind. We were a tough group and Danielle and her team did a fabulous job both before and during the trip. Best money we spent by far on our vacation."
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