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Tailored Trip Planning

Are you overwhelmed with research, struggling to craft a unique and high-quality itinerary for your Italy trip? Tailored Trip Planning is a one-hour Zoom session designed for busy individuals like you to create your itinerary with an Italy expert. Feast Travel Founder Danielle Oteri will cut through the clutter, anticipate challenges, and ensure you avoid common tourist traps. With meticulous attention to detail given upfront, your journey will be smooth and unforgettable. Your final itinerary will strike the perfect balance between all your desired activities, optimizing your budget, and making the most of your precious time in Italy.

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Craft Your Perfect Journey With Tailored Trip Planning

In a streamlined one-hour Zoom session, plan your trip in collaboration with Feast Travel founder Danielle Oteri. We start from your arrival date and craft a comprehensive day-by-day itinerary. With frank discussion and swift decision-making, you'll leave the session with an excellent plan for your travel dates and budget, crafted with professional insight and resources.


Following the session, you'll receive the itinerary ready to be booked, with links to make your reservations. Plus, with email follow-up available, you'll have ongoing support for any additional questions as you finalize all the details. 


What's the difference between Tailored Trip Planning and a Trip Consultation?

Tailored Trip Planning is for people who have their travel dates and budget already set and want to build out the day-by-day itinerary with a professional who can help fill in all the details, including which tours to book and where to eat and drink. This is a roll-up-your-sleeves and get-it-done session.

What do I need to send you ahead of time?

A questionnaire in the signup form will gather all the necessary information ahead of time. 

What kind of resources will the final itinerary include? 

We have strong opinions about which tours are worth the money and which tour companies are best. We will provide relevant links to book tours or direct contact information for our favorite guides. (Rest assured, we will never send you to a reseller website like GetYourGuide.) If you prefer private tours, we'll help book your tours with our network of private guides who work only by appointment with travel advisors.

We'll recommend hotels as well. If you're booking 5-star hotels, you'll get access to our portal in order to get special perks like free upgrades, early/late checkout, and arrival gifts.

Finally, we'll offer restaurant recommendations from our continually updated database of vetted resources. 


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