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Cruise the Amalfi Coast in Luxury and Privacy

Feast Travel is proud to offer this exclusive experience designed and hosted by travel journalist Marco Santini. Cruising through the Tyrrhenian Sea, you'll experience one of the world's most mythically beautiful places. The itinerary includes Capri, Ischia, Procida, and the Amalfi Coast. This week-long adventure unfolds aboard a state-of-the-art sailing vessel, promising an unparalleled experience of the region's beauty while totally avoiding crowds and traffic. What makes this way of traveling unique is the feeling of privacy, relaxation, and the quality of services, from the exclusivity of excursions to the signature gastronomic

experiences ashore.

Servers prepare lunch on a private yacht with a view of Ischia
Lunch aboard the Silver Star with a view of the Castle of Ischia

Service and safety are guaranteed by 4 crew members: captain, sailor, hostess, and

chef from the best Italian cooking schools.

With Marco as your host, you'll meet fascinating people and connect deeply to this place through food, wine, history, and nature.

About Your Host

Photographer and writer Marco Santini
Marco Santini, Host

Marco Santini has always been a traveler and has been a journalist and photographer for 25 years, specializing in the food and wine sector and nautical and travel reportage. He travels by motorbike, boat, and on foot between oceans, glaciers, and deserts and knows all the world's wine regions. After 15 years of television, he now collaborates with Italy's most important tourism magazines and abroad. He is the author of guides and books, has taught photography in the United States, and has held several photographic exhibitions. Marco designed this itinerary to explore this highly desired part of Italy in the most intimate and meaningful way possible.

Day 1: Bacoli

An engineering marvel, the Piscina Mirabilis near Bacoli
The Piscina Mirabilis is closed to the public, but open exclusively to our guests

Once we set sail, the first destination is Bacoli, right below the Baia castle. It was the seaside resort of imperial Rome. Today, the area is the playground of wealthy Neapolitans. The city is full of rarely visited sites, from the underwater archaeological park of Baia (an underwater Pompeii), to the monumental Piscina Mirabilis, a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering second only to the famous Istanbul cistern. Though the Piscina is closed to the public, we'll have special access to explore this marvel and the above-ground ruins of Baia, including the temple of Mercury with an oculus one hundred years older than the Pantheon in Rome. 

Day 2: Procida

The colorful port of the marina of Procida
The colorful island of Procida has been used in movies including Il Postino and The Talented Mr. Ripley

A short navigation takes us to Procida, dropping anchor in the bay of Corricella and having breakfast surrounded by the scenery of the colorful marina houses, in contrast with the austere cliffs. Once on land, you rediscover the atmosphere of an ancient village. In the morning, fishermen are busy with small repairs. You walk up to the Due Cannoni viewpoint, which offers a privileged view of Corricella, then continue to Murata, which has an incomparable view of the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius.

Back on board, it's time to think about the first swims, and Ischia is just three miles away. The circumnavigation of Ischia is dotted with stops for swimming in quiet coves, including Punta del Chiarito and Sorgeto Bay, with its warm geothermal water and cave. The arrival in Sant'Angelo, where you can choose between an overnight stay in the bay or the port, is always exciting, with the village perched on the mountain and the strip of sand connecting it to the cape.

Day 3: Ischia

Ischia's encastellated village
The castle of Ischia, built by the Aragonese kings in the 15th century

The next day, we'll enjoy a tasting of Casa d'Ambra wines in one of the most panoramic points of Ischia -- a terrace in the tuff rock at almost 700 meters above sea level where you can taste the most representative volcanic whites and reds of the island. This is an unforgettable experience thanks to the winemaker Marina d'Ambra, who knows how to talk about her territory with great passion. 

From Sant'Angelo, we'll sail around the island to Ischia Ponte, drop anchor in the Roman Bay, and spend the night in the harbor. We'll explore the Aragonese castle, which functioned as its enclosed village for centuries. Connected to the town by the bridge, it was built by King Alfonso V in the 15th century and is now privately owned. 

Day 4: Capri

The Faraglioni rocks of Capri
The Deriya Deniz in front of the Faraglioni rocks at Capri where you will enjoy an aperitivo

It is just under 20 miles from Ischia to Capri Marina Grande, which can be covered in a couple of hours while passing by Naples, Vesuvius, the Sorrento peninsula, and Capri itself—a concentration of wonders that have made these places universally famous. This is where the Greek poet Homer set Odysseus's encounter with the Sirens.

The circumnavigation of Capri is spectacular. Thanks to the deep seabed, it is possible to navigate close to the coast and enjoy the view of the looming walls of the cliffs. With the tender, you can explore numerous coves and ravines including the Blue Grotto.

Here, it is better not to take anything for granted. It would be tempting to avoid Marina Grande, with the port frequented by ferries and hydrofoils. However, immediately before the port of call and overlooking its private beach, there is the Smeraldo restaurant, perhaps the best address on Capri: an unbelievable location, excellent cuisine, proper balance between tradition and modernity, carefully selected ingredients, and excellent service. If there is a paradise for foodies, it is here. The idea is to dive from the boat at anchor, take a swim in improbably colored waters, take advantage of the beach to take a shower and change (your clothes and wallet will be delivered on shore by the crew) and have lunch with a beautiful view. 

With one of the old colored taxis or the funicular, we can visit the villages that mark the island's history. An aperitivo in the famous square of Capri cannot compete with the one served on board, especially once we are anchored in the harbor at Marina Piccola, right under the famous Faraglioni rocks. Sip your favorite drink with one of the most renowned cinematic settings and natural wonder.

Day 5: Positano

Relax on the sand at Positano
The private beach at Positano

Along the coast are plenty of coves, caves, and small beaches lapped by transparent waters that can only be reached by dinghy, particularly near the Green Grotto. The gozzo boats that transport tourists arrive late in the morning and leave early in the afternoon, leaving hours of uncontaminated and silent nature for those who choose to drop anchor here. We can choose our next move over coffee and freshly baked croissants from the chef: for instance, we can set sail to the Amalfi Coast. Crossing over to Punta Campanella, the rock spur that divides the Sorrento Coast from the Amalfi one, we follow the bold profile of the coast, which shows itself in all its beauty from the sea. 

In the late afternoon, we drop anchor in the wild and uninhabited bay immediately west of the Saracen tower of Conca dei Marini. Sailing allows us to visit all the picturesque villages but avoid the busy mountain road, which offers the chance to swim, dine, and nap in wild locations. An exception is made, however, for La Tonnarella, a seaside restaurant in Conca dei Marini, which offers a tender service for sailors and our table will be directly on the beach. Here is one of those places that sum up the experience of this trip: intimate and familiar but of excellent quality, from the octopus with mint to the spaghetti with zucchini and provolone del Monaco.

After another short navigation and a swim, we anchor in Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast. It is charming, unique, and definitely not to be missed. We can take a stroll into the windy, narrow, old streets to explore the shops. Later, we'll have dinner at a seaside restaurant to taste the famous spaghetti with scungilli, which is the delicious seafood typical of the area.

Day 6: Sorrento

A beach near Sorrento
The lesser known Marina di Cassano village on the Sorrentine peninsula

Heading west, we pass under Punta Campanella and then Sorrento. En route, coves, inlets, and beaches abound, most accessible only from the sea, which is full of life, as demonstrated by the recent sightings of manta rays, sperm whales, and dolphins. The Bay of Leranto, the Crapolla fiord, and Cala Mitigliano are perfect for a splendid solitary dive.

The last stop is Marina di Cassano, an ancient, colorful, and lively village, little frequented by tourists due to its proximity to Sorrento. Its reality is more similar to that of an island than a corner of the mainland. In the small inlet, the fishing community animates the marina. At the Antico Bagno Nettuno restaurant, with tables overlooking the sea, we can try the paccheri with broccoli cream and seabream and the amazing Nerano pizza with provolone del Monaco and zucchini.

Day 7: Herculaneum

Visit Herculaneum with a tour led by an archaeologist
Painted walls at Herculaneum

After one last swim, we'll return to the port where we began, at Marina di Stabia. A van will meet you to transfer to Herculaneum for a guided tour led by an archaeologist. After lunch, transfer by car to your next destination.


The Silver Star

The best sailing vessel in the Mediterranean
The Silver Star II

Silver Star is one of the most beautiful ketch operating in the Mediterranean Sea.

24 meters for four cabins, large private bathrooms, and individual air conditioning

with the most modern technological equipment. There are two large sundecks and an open-air dining table.

The Deriya Deniz & Maria Giovanna

A goelette boat perfect for sailing the Tyrrhenian Sea
The Deriya Deniz

Deriya Deniz and MariaGiovanna are classic wooden goelettes capable of hosting 10

passengers, each in great comfort and charm.

Silver Star II can host a maximum of 6 guests with a starting price of $10,500 per guest.

Deriya Deniz and MariaGiovanna can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests, and the starting price is $6,500 per person.

In addition to the excursions described in the itinerary, the price includes:

  • Seven meals

  • High-quality bed and bath linen, beach towels

  • Full-time tender

  • Kayaks onboard

  • Fishing equipment

  • Fuel

  • Two Marina docking per week

Each voyage is completely customized for your group. If you are interested in booking this itinerary, please make an appointment to speak with Danielle via Zoom so that we may discuss the options and then craft a precise price quote.


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