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Small Group Tours

Our small group tours frame unique experiences that are best enjoyed in collaboration with others. 

Mount Vesuvius

October 3-8, 2023

This hybrid tour is ideal for independent travelers who would also like to discover Naples with local hosts who will manage all the details, while also enjoying free time to explore the city independently.

October 15-22, 2023

All levels are welcome! Whether you are an experienced artist or have not touched a pencil in years, this retreat is designed to fill you with inspiration and wonder. 

fun in italy


These food and wine workshops, held three times a year, allow you to delve into the region's ancient traditions and local flavors. These workshops provide hands-on experiences of cooking, foraging, preserving, harvesting, and winemaking. Each day will be hosted by a chef, farmer, forager, or winemaker who will invite you to fully immerse yourself in their daily experience. We'll also cook with local women who carry on food traditions which are slowly disappearing.

food in italy
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