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About Our Clients

Our clients are people seeking a meaningful experience of Italy, who tend not to be "bucket list' travelers. They are intentional, thoughtful, and want to immerse themselves in Italian culture, while also having a fun and relaxing vacation. They want a mix of the very famous stuff paired with more authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences that aren't available on the mass tourism market. Exclusive experiences are often marketed to the luxury market, but we believe meaningful experiences set their own value. Our clients include budget travelers as well as those who travel only at the 5 star level. 

Our Trip Consultation clients are people who want to plan their own trip, but would like to skip the months of research necessary to get it right, and who would like to take advantage of our deep expertise to make choices about experiences and destinations.

Bespoke Trip Planning clients are those who would like to simply describe their ideal trip, and then let experts take over the planning. This service is an enormous value to multi-generational family trips, or trips composed of several couples, as it eliminates a lot of friction points, and doesn't leave anyone in the group having to make all the decisions, and play de-facto tour leader. After we plan your tour, the itinerary is managed in our app, which everyone in the group can carry on their phones, with every detail from train tickets, to dinner reservations, to sites which link to Google Maps all included. Our Bespoke Trip Planning clients enjoy only private tours given by our network of expert guides throughout Italy.

Small Group Tours are for clients who want to show up, and see a version of Italy that would not otherwise be accessible to them without an Italian speaking host. These tours are curated to showcase a range of experiences in order to gain a full picture of a location or region. Each small group tour tells a story that unfolds over a week, and the participation of everyone in the group is what makes it even richer. 

Client Testimonials

"Danielle planned an amazing vacation to Italy for my family. We visited Rome, Ischia and Cilento with tours in and around our base locations. The tour guides were all so knowledgeable about each destination. We also really appreciated that the tours were private. It was a very personalized experience. Our accommodations were all wonderful - especially Borgo La Pietraia! It was so beautiful and the food was amazing! Arianna, Alexandra, and the rest of the staff made our stay really special. Thanks again to Danielle for all of your hard work in planning the trip and amazing recommendations!"

Kori Allen, Bespoke Trip Planning, Summer 2023

"This was a trip of a lifetime! There is no way we could have pulled off the level of service, quality of accommodations, and the overall flow of our vacation ourselves. Danielle you were the key to making this an incredible adventure. From the hotel and tours in Rome, to Taurasi, to Cilento and Tuscany were magnificent! Margherita and Gaetano were standouts! They brought us to places and introduced to people we would have never come into contact on our own. I could go on and on.Thank you for giving us a lifetime of memories."

Adam Ashcraft, Bespoke Trip Planning, Summer 2023

"Danielle Oteri is the master of travel support. We have now put ourselves in her hands on two occasions. She manages to exceed expectations at every turn. Her attention to clients is exceptional as is her never failing upbeat approach to travel. If your goal it to visit Italy you will not find a better agency to support and enhance that goal. We recommend Feast Travel without reservation."

Michael Robilotto, Bespoke Travel Planning, Summer 2023

"The amount of amazing experiences was unmatched! The itinerary within the app is amazing! The value can't be overemphasized, especially traveling with kids! It was so helpful before the trip so each family member could do their research and look forward to what was coming up. During the trip, we referenced it daily for the necessary things, like timing and tickets. It was outstanding when we made adjustments due to weather or wanting more flexibility. Danielle was able to add additional info quickly and that really helped us to decide what we were up for at that point in the trip."

Mandi Henderson, Bepoke Trip Planning 2023

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us plan a wonderful trip to Italy! It was one of the best trips we have ever taken! Most of all, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Zoom call with you and for helping us develop an itinerary for the trip. There are many things I would have done differently - such as staying in Positano - that I am glad we did not do. Staying in Salerno was ideal and we felt so lucky to go to Positano on a rainy, overcast day without the huge crowds. The ferry was very easy from Salerno. We also loved the fish restaurant you recommended in Vietri sul Mare. That was one of the best meals we had on the trip and it was fun to be the only tourists in the restaurant."


Elaina Taylor, Trip Consultation, Summer 2023

"We returned last night from our trip to Italy, and I wanted to let you know how thankful we are for all the help you gave us.  Your wealth of knowledge improved the trip so much.  We had a marvelous time, and everything went off without a hitch.  We are already dreaming of what region to visit next and will defiantly reach out to you for help again."

Sara Boozer, Trip Consultation, Spring 2023

"Just left Ischia. Your advice to go there was PRICELESS.  Grazie mille."


Caroline Nesi, Trip Consultation, Spring 2023

"We had a fabulous time on our "off the beaten path" tour of the Amalfi and Cilento coasts with Danielle Oteri. Eschewing the overcrowded tourist locations most American travelers frequent, we experienced the region's rich history and culture through expert guides at every location. Staying at the Borgo La Pietraia was a sublime experience. The views of the Tyrrhenian Sea are breathtaking. Hotel manager Ariana and talented chef Mario of the "Food" restaurant at the Borgo were warm and welcoming. Dinners there were astounding in their authenticity and artistry. Visits to the ancient ruins at Paestum and Pompeii provided a glimpse into the ancient world. When we departed the Borgo, there were hugs and kisses all around and we promised to return to this little piece of heaven in the future."

Sarah Moaba, Small Group Tour, Spring 2023

"Beautiful location and lovely staff, excellent daily excursions, very well organized, the full schedule kept us on the go and I slept less than usual but somehow felt more recharged, I could have easily stayed another week! I’m incredibly grateful for this trip, for being introduced to this beautiful location and part of Italy and for the people I met along the way. This was my first organized group trip and although group tours are not really my thing (we do a mix of wandering on our own or small private tours) I greatly appreciated having the day planned out for us, and adjusted according to weather."

Laurie Villareal, Small Group Tour, Summer 2023

“We had an absolutely wonderful time, and your recommendations were really key to the whole experience.”


Ken Bropson, Trip Consultation Winter 2022

"It had been 30 years since my husband and I traveled internationally and we wanted to get this trip right. After finding Danielle on a podcast, I knew we had to consult with her to help plan our trip. She and her team took care of EVERY last detail. I cannot express enough appreciation for giving us memories for a lifetime!"


Kristin Leonard, Bespoke Trip Planning, Fall 2022

"The itinerary was wonderful! It was most special to see and to experience the local culture of the Cliento Coast from an insider’s view. Our hosts, Danielle, Christian, Lenu and family are most gracious and fun!"

Christina Polidore, Small Group Tour, Fall 2022

"Such an amazing experience! The hosts clearly put so much thought into the planning and implementation of this tour. Room at Borgo was exceptional, food at all the stops was beyond delicious. I would recommend this without reservation to all who want an immersive experience of Southern Italy."

Jean Fazzino Lain, Small Group Tour, Fall 2022

"The “Fall in Southern Italy” exceeded all my expectations.  Each day was packed with wonderful excursions that were the perfect balance of experience, food and wine!!  I met many wonderful people on the tour.  Highly recommend to anyone whether this is your first trip to Italy or you 10th."

Paula Oakes, Small Group Tour, Fall 2022

"The trip was seamless and incredibly executed."

Trina Di Napoli, Bespoke Trip Planning, Winter 2021

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