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Fall 2024 Food & Wine Workshop

October 21-28, 2024


Olive oil and grapes are the focus of our fall workshop. We'll harvest olives right on Borgo La Pietraia's property, learning ancient and modern methods for picking and pressing. We'll explore the countryside of Cilento to visit other olive farms and enjoy a fall truffle hunt with dogs high in the mountains.

In Prignano Cilento we'll have a tour and lunch at Santomiele, an artisan producer transforming figs into luxury products. The fall is when the late summer figs have been sufficiently dried and ready to be stuffed with chocolate, nuts, and orange peel.

In Castelfranci, we'll head into the vineyards at Il Cancelliere to learn the ins and outs of the harvest, then enjoy a homemade lunch with the winemakers. 

This tour includes a free day to relax at the Borgo, or take an an optional day trip to Matera. 


See the full itinerary

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